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Local Products Vendor Application

If you are a local producer and have an interest in partnering with us, please fill out the application below to the best of your ability. Our definition of local is anyone who produces or grows a product within 150 miles of any Summer Fresh location.

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How long have you produced products for sale?

Where are your products sold currently?

Do you self-distribute or have a distributor? Yes   No

What is your suggested retail price?

What were your gross sales last year?

What percentage of retail sales?

What percentage of wholesale?

How much do you expect to sell in an average week? (In dollars)

What is your target demographic?

What sets you apart from other similar products?

Do you maintain an email list of customers or do you plan to? Yes   No (Will consider)

What platforms do you currently use to market your business?

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A completed application does not guarantee an agreement. We may contact you with further questions.

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